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Taylor Mitchell

Software Engineer, Computer Software

Hi, I'm Taylor Mitchell. Welcome to my profile!

Taylor Mitchell's Bio:

I'm a technical swiss army knife. I build systems that make my customers look good.

Taylor Mitchell's Experience:

  • Senior Systems Analyst at ExoAnalytic Solutions

    Development lead for SpaceFront, Exo's web-based data warehouse and analysis platform for data collected by the ESpOC global network of robotic telescopes. SpaceFront enables rapid data-driven analysis of space objects for a variety of government and commercial customers. Development lead for SEAS, managing a multi-disciplinary and geographically diverse team of software developers and operations researchers. Responsible for community management and customer support for a nationwide user base. As a key member of the SEAS configuration control board, responsible for evaluating user requirements, maintaining the software roadmap and architecting a technical approach, within time and budgetary constraints, to deliver capability to the users. Development lead for MarketFront, Exo's web and mobile data warehouse and business analytic platform for rapidly identifying high revenue, high likelihood prospects. Drove $400M in revenue growth and increased market share by 5.5% for Fortune 200 client.

  • Chief Information Officer at ExoAnalytic Solutions

    Develop and implement IT strategy during growth from start-up to established small business. Procure and maintain Windows and Linux servers and desktops, network infrastructure, and collaboration systems supporting two offices and two remote locations. Ensure systems are available and capable so we can always meet our customer needs. Maintain delicate balance between individual user desires and budget, regulatory, and policy constraints. DevOps role across a diverse technology stack: web applications (RoR, Django) including REST API's, RDBMS (PostgreSQL, MySQL), front-end HTTP servers (Nginx, Apache), messaging systems (RabbitMQ, Celery), nontraditional data stores (Redis, MongoDB), infrastructure automation (Ansible, Fabric), continuous integration, and monitoring systems.

  • Embedded Software Consultant at Logistic Gliders Inc.

    Designed and built data logging hardware and circuitry levering magnetometer, inertial measurement unit and GPS for parachute system drop tests. Developed embedded Arduino C and C++ code for data collector, as well as Python data analysis toolchain.

  • Systems Analyst at SPARTA, Inc.

    Development lead for the System Effectiveness Analysis Simulation (SEAS), the US Air Force's mission-level model for space system analysis. SEAS is an agent-based modeling and simulation toolkit comprising a domain-specific language (TPL), Eclipse-based IDE, execution engine and post-processing toolchain. It enables operations researchers to rapidly trade architectures, systems and CONOPS within a conflict scenario to evaluate outcomes. Conducted military utility analyses evaluating systems-of-systems, space and C4ISR system concepts, and system architectures for a variety of commercial and government customers.

  • Systems Engineer at Solers, Inc.

    Requirements, test plan development, functional testing, regression testing, load testing, planning and execution of user acceptance testing, on-site system deployment

  • Web Developer at Design Crafters

  • Intern at Red Hat

Taylor Mitchell's Education:

  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

    Concentration: Computer Science

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